What you will learn

Discover all the fundamental principles and various elements of writing and publishing a book.

You’ll be equipped with all the skills you need to become a respected author!

Book Title & Cover

How do you shift through an entire lifetime to understand not only what is meaningful to you and what your audience will find valuable, but to express it all in a few words? Start with the end in mind!

Book Structure

Create a roadmap for how you will deliver the solution to a certain problem, based on your own expertise. Decide first why you are writing your book and what you want the outcome to be with the Book Genius WOW System.

Writing Your Book

Become an effective writer in record time and fast-track the book writing process, saving you valuable time so you can start monetizing faster. Narrow down your areas of expertise into one topic and align with your personal story​.

Book Publishing

Self-publishing your work gives you complete control over the publishing process. You have the power to make decisions throughout the publishing process, earn higher profit margins and enjoying equal opportunity to exposure.

Book Baby Shower

You deserve the Spotlight! Learn how to apply the principles of iconic marketing to defy the odds:  Meaningful engagement on national broadcast media, newspapers, bookstores, libraries and speaking engagements.

Book Distribution

Differentiate yourself from millions of other authors and sell more books. Genius books can be easily published on Amazon, sold on Buyers Catalogue, social media, your own website as an e-book, paperback or audio book


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